Elevate Your Aero Performance with Strategic Training

You might have got yourself an aero bike or put some clip on bars onto your road bike and started to think I’m going to be in the aero position. Are you wondering how you can hold this for the most amount of time that you’ve got available to yourself.  The only real way that […]

Your Secret Weapon for Cycling Improvement

To turbo or not to turbo, that is the question.  Now, I am a really big fan of the turbo.  It’s like a game.  If you’re into video games, you’ll know what I mean.  It’s a static trainer. It makes your bike like a trainer in the gym where you can actually put effort in […]

Why Invest in a Tri-Specific Wetsuit this Summer

With the summer, what passes as a summer in Great Britain, lots of people are now doing open water Tri’s.  So that you’re buoyant in the right places. We get asked a lot about what’s the difference between a tri suit that you see in service stations that you can buy for 15 quid or […]

The best bike upgrades to start with

 I want to upgrade the parts of my bike, but I have no idea where to start.  The first place you can start at making upgrades to your bike is your position on it, because for every centimetre that you are able to get lower down at the front end of the bike, that will […]

Bib shorts or trisuit for cycling?

When you are training for a triathlon particularly in the cycle, most people will tend to wear cycling bib shorts because that’s what we buy for riding our bikes more comfortably.  However, particularly as you get towards the racing part of the season, you might think, do I really want to do my races on […]

Are better tires and wheels going to make you faster?

Are better tyres and or better wheels gonna make you faster.  The answer to that question is, yes, they will, but they’re not the biggest bang for buck that you can get when you’re gonna spend money.  If you’re going to spend something, buy better quality race tyres with thin tubes and specific inner tubes […]

What should I wear for my first triathlon?

What should I wear for my first triathlon?  If it’s a sprint triathlon, which is most people’s first ever triathlon, they usually take place in a pool. You could get away with wearing a swimming costume. Then you would get out of the pool, run into transition, put a t-shirt on and your shorts, and […]

Get yourself elastic laces

What I’m gonna talk to you about today is elastic laces.  Now these aren’t like Velcro shoes when you were little.  These are special laces made out of elastic that you put into your race shoes and it saves you having to tie your laces . It sounds a bit daft, but it is absolutely […]

My tried and trusted wearables

Here’s a few of my tried and trusted wearables to put your phone in when you’re on a run.  When I first started running, I used to wear an arm band. It used to slip on your arm just there like a sleeve or something like that and your phone went in it.  I didn’t […]

How do you fly with your bike? 

How do you fly with your bike?  I don’t mean quite literally, because unless you’re in the world of Harry Potter, that’s impossible.  If you are going to a training camp or you are racing abroad,  or if you live somewhere a bit more exotic and you’re traveling within the country,  How are you gonna […]