Elevate Your Aero Performance with Strategic Training

You might have got yourself an aero bike or put some clip on bars onto your road bike and started to think I’m going to be in the aero position.

Are you wondering how you can hold this for the most amount of time that you’ve got available to yourself. 

The only real way that you can get better at being in the aero position and being able to hold it in a race, is to train in it.

This time of year is ideal for that. 

You can get on the turbo, put your aero bars on your road bike or your TT bike on the turbo  and just ride it in position.

Start off doing a minute on, minute off and then build it up from there.

By the time we get to the springtime you can hold that position for 100 percent of the time and then you’re ready to go for your races.

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