Making Waves with Proper Pool Conduct

I want to talk about swim etiquette.

This stemmed from when I was having a swim last night and it dawned on me, that either people are ignorant or they just don’t know.

If you’re going swimming and somebody is swimming faster behind you and they are catching you up continually, wait at the end of the lane and let them come past.

Don’t let them catch up and then set off so they’ve got to swim one armed behind you.

If we try to keep each other going In order of speed, the lane will flow really naturally.

Likewise, obey the rules of the swimming pool. 

If they’re telling you to swim clockwise in the lane, swim clockwise in the lane. 

This will mean that you don’t get punched in the face by a breaststroker in the next lane as they’re swimming opposite to you.

Just keep an eye on the swim etiquette as we’re going back into pool swimming and you’ll have a good swim.

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