Evaluating Your Triathlon Season

I’ve been reflecting on my season that’s just gone, I’m sure that I’m not alone and that you were all reflecting on last season. 

That is a good thing, because we need to think about what we do well, what didn’t do so well and what areas we need to improve.

Did you achieve the goals that you set yourself pre season?

You might have, you might not have.

Did you identify areas that you could grow in the sport?

Do you think you could be a better biker or a better runner? 

It’s really important at the end of the season to sit down, preferably with a coach, so that you can discuss all this.

This means thatt for next season, you get a good plan together, working on what you need to improve, what you like to do, what you don’t like to do, what races you want to do and which races you wouldn’t do.

Reflect on 2023 as a race season. 

Write all the points down that I’ve just mentioned and have a chat with your coach. 

Go through everything.  

Get ready for next year.

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