Winner Small Event of the Year

Small event triathlon of the year winner

Crowle Triathlon Winner Small Event of the Year!

Our Crowle Triathlon won the Triathlon England Small Event of the Year Award! 

This award celebrates the achievements of triathlon events that have less than 200 participants and provide an excellent experience for participants of all abilities. 

These events play a vital role in our sport, helping make it as accessible and inclusive as possible. They are a leading example of the values of triathlon and help create a sense of community and togetherness at all levels of the sport.  

The Crowle Triathlon is a fantastic event to introduce people wanting to try the sport for the first time. We offer  both sprint and super sprint distances.  The event gives participants an understanding of what triathlon is all about.

Triathlon England says, “The flat bike and run courses, coupled with a pool swim, also allow more experienced triathletes to take the course at a faster pace and chase a personal best.” 

Finally, Crowle Triathlon is the Triathlon England Small Event of the Year because the event is well managed and welcoming, offering people a great experience, especially those giving triathlon a go for the first time. 

View the course and register for the Crowle Triathlon and experience the event for yourself. 

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Animis Coaching Team

We're Coaches Jacqui and Oliver Saxon, the Animis Coaching Team.

We are a mom and son coaching team who have changed our lives through the sport of triathlon. We aim to break down the mysteries of triathlon training and show you, the avid traithlete, how simple and flexible it can be so triathlon training really does become part of your lifestyle and not just a hobby.