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At Animis Racing Team, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a complete beginner or a world champion, we know exactly what to do to help you reach the next level.

And what’s more, we’re not here to blind you with science.

We don’t use technical language to make ourselves look clever.

We use tried and tested methods, explained in plain English to help you reach your peak levels of performance, simply, without fuss and in a timescale that suits your ambitions.

So whether you’re new to Triathlon, or you’ve medals galore, get in touch with us today to see how we can help you help you smash your goals!

upcoming Warm Weather retreats

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Suitable for all abilities, here’s a glimpse of what our retreats look like:

And loads more!

I have just returned home from Jacqui and Ollie's Vilamoura Camp in Portugal. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am at the very stages of tri - athlon (not done an event yet). Really I was looking for a week where I could just do my activities without having to juggle everything else I have to do - it was perfect. The coaches skillfully nudged me in the right direction with areas of technique and my swimming in particular has come on no end. I have already committed to next year!

Ollie is a great coach to work with. He is very attentive and responsive - I enjoy the training sessions he schedules for me, and have seen the results in terms of race performance. This season so far I have had 2 podium finishes out of 2 races - which is a huge improvement from my 'middle of the pack' results.

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When I first came into the world of Triathlon, I knew I’d found my “home”.

And while I really enjoy competing as a Great Britain Age Group Athlete, I’m happiest when I’m coaching other people to reach and exceed their own goals.

There really is no feeling like helping someone push through barriers they thought they never could and achieve things they never thought they would. Having been a Trisutto athlete since 2015, I understand that the real key to success lies in understanding and working WITH my clients. I endeavour to ensure that my clients have training plans that not only get results, but that they can stick to without burning themselves out.

Afterall, the trick to being a successful triathlete is being able to stay the course, and that means steady, sustainable progress. Because you can’t train if you go off too hard and end up injured can you?


It’s no exaggeration to say that sport is my main passion in life.

However…It became apparent early on, that getting my arms and legs to do what my brain wanted wasn’t always straightforward!

But this turned out to be a good thing, because it made me work harder, and really study the “how” and the “why” of the sports I liked, until I could master them. Which gave me a deep understanding of sport and stood me in good stead to become a coach. Back in 2012 I started competing in Triathlons, and it soon became clear that while I love competing for myself, my real love is coaching other people.

So that’s what I did, in 2013 I started training people, and since then I’ve worked my way through various qualifications, culminating in becoming Trisutto certified, and being mentored by the man himself – Brett Sutton.




You know the story…

…You’ve got an event on the horizon. The one you’ve been thinking about for a while. It’s the big one, a chance to really put yourself to the test and see what you can do. But before you get there, you’ve got a gruelling training schedule to get through.

Early mornings and late nights to make sure you’re prepared. And even though you LOVE the feeling as you get fitter and stronger it can still feel like a slog. Jumping in the pool at 6am. Going for a run in the rain. Taking your life in your hands on the bike with crazy drivers all over the place.

There must be a better way!

Well the good news is…

…There is! With our all new warm weather retreats.

Swim Coaching

Suitable for all abilities, with three levels to choose from:

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Swim coach, swim coaching near me, swimming coach near me


At a guess, if you’re reading this page, I’d say the question on your lips is… “Why should I pick Animis over another team I could train with”….