Online triathlon coaching

online triathlon coaching

As well as providing face to face coaching, we also have a strong online coaching focus too.

You can read more about what each of these include below.

there are thousands of online triathlon coaches out there, why choose us?

We are not here to push you too hard and make your triathlon coaching experience unenjoyable, the empathetic skills that consider the whole athlete as a person are just as important!

We take into account your lifestyle, mental health, if you’ve had a bad day or are not feeling great, we can spot these things and act accordingly. We genuinely care!

Having spent so much time on deck working with people and observing them means that we we can take that into our online triathlon coaching because we will know what athletes are talking about without really even having to see them.

There's much that we have seen in real life that there isn't anything that we can't fix!

As coaches we’re particularly good at knowing what to say and when to say it. Some people just want to learn new stuff all the time but that’s not coaching because you’re just giving them information that they can’t assimilate quickly enough and so they end up in a mess.

You’ve got to be able to see what you want to see to coach them but know when to tell them when they’re ready for it and when they’re not ready.

We work well with most people, as long as they buy into what we do and believe in us. 

We do have a questionnaire and have a Zoom meeting before taking on new clients to make sure we are a good fit for each other. We will spend a lot of time together (albeit virtually!) its important we get along!

We experienced coaches and are just as happy to work with complete beginners who want to try their first triathlon right through to top of their game athletes, and everyone in between!

We are straight talking and will not try and bombard you with technical language that you do. not understand.

We are normal people who have busy. lives ourselves outside of triathlon, so completely understand that people should have a life as well as well as taking part in this amazing sport!

Some of our happy successes!

In our career as Online Triathlon Coaches we have had some huge successes including coaching a lady who had the goal of getting a podium place in a triathlon event, she achieved this goal despite only having pool access for only 1 hour a week! Another lady reached her goal of completing an Ironman in 14 hours, which she managed with only 7 hours per week training. She also had a part time job and family to look after. We also coached a middle-aged lady who became a silver medalist in the World Championship Olympic distance event. The achievements we get for others mean far more to us than our own, and that’s what sets us apart as really great coaches. You can read even more about us by clicking here.

online triathlon coaching

A 3 month commitment is required

The investment for the online coaching plan is just £150 per month

shown above AND:

The investment for PERSONAL is just £215 PCM

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