Finding Affordable Alternatives in the Triathlon Circuit

I’ve been having a look at some races that I might want to do next year and having a look at the cost differential in them. 

Just comparing apples with apples, Challenge Barcelona, the Olympic distance is 89 euros. 

So that’s probably about £78, something like that. 

The London triathlon also run by Challenge Olympic distance is £125.  

Probably another £50 or £60 on top of that to do the same sort of distance in another major city. 

Now, why is that the case? 

Probably because it’s more expensive to close the roads in London than it is to close them in Barcelona.

Probably because the attitude towards doing sport in England, even now, after the Olympics in 2012, is still not the same as it is in the continent with races.  

The point of this is to have a look around and see what you can find.

I’ll probably end up doing both of those events because I really quite enjoyed the London triathlon and I like going to Barcelona.

There is always an alternative to the one that you want to do.

If you can’t find the one in your price range, then look for an alternative, either within the same group, you might have to go away, or you can have a look on various websites that will have unofficial unbranded races on that and they’re often cheaper as well.

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