The best bike upgrades to start with

 I want to upgrade the parts of my bike, but I have no idea where to start. 

The first place you can start at making upgrades to your bike is your position on it, because for every centimetre that you are able to get lower down at the front end of the bike, that will save you 10 watts and you’ve gotta train really hard to get 10 watts.

What is a watt?

In physics terms a watt is a unit of energy? 

That is what you have to expend to be able to create force and move forwards.

Each watt represents an extra bit of effort that you have to put in to make yourself go faster and go at higher speed..

If you have a power meter or a watch that reads power, that will show you how many watts you are putting out per minute by pedaling your bicycle. 

If you’ve got a run watch, like a stride, that’ll show you it for run power as well. 

I you could do stuff that doesn’t cost you very much to get extra speed, then you will not have to do huge amounts of training extra to get 20 or 30 watts.

It can be as simple as just getting a bit lower on your TT bars at the front end. 

Then after that, there are lots of cheap and simple things that you can do that will give you some free speed and some free watts without having to do or spend very much.

Having a clean chain, making sure all the bits on your bike are all fastened down properly and there’s nothing flapping around.

Perhaps even getting something like a no pins belt or pocket for your race number, all relatively low expense and probably gonna save you anywhere between 10 and 30 watts before we’ve even got started. 

Then the next sort of thing to look at is can I get some deeper section wheels, some more aero wheels.

You can get a new bike that’s a bit more aero, but then you start getting into bang for your buck and it’s not as high as doing the simple things like getting a good position or a better position. 

Learning to keep that position for the whole event and maintaining your bike, those will get you more free speed than anything else you can buy.

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