Get yourself elastic laces

What I’m gonna talk to you about today is elastic laces. 

Now these aren’t like Velcro shoes when you were little. 

These are special laces made out of elastic that you put into your race shoes and it saves you having to tie your laces .

It sounds a bit daft, but it is absolutely a brilliant idea.

There are lots of different types of elastic laces out there on the market,.

Tthe premise is that you put them in your shoes, get ’em to the right tension, and then when you get off your bike and get into a transition for your run section, all you need to do is just slip your feet into your trainers.

You don’t have to fasten your shoe laces, you don’t have to tighten them up cuz they’ll be absolutely perfect.

You could save 20, 30 seconds, maybe even more if you’re not very dextrous with your fingers for tying up laces, especially if it’s cold.

Get yourself some elastic laces. 

Especially if you’re gonna be at the pointy end of the race, because those seconds could mean the difference between third and first. 

I personally like the Lock Laces best because they’re a bit more like proper shoelaces. 

You can actually pull them up and get ’em a little bit tighter if you need to. 

Have a look for some elastic laces. 

Get them in your race shoes. 

As always, practice beforehand. 

Don’t do it on race day. 

Never ever do anything new on race day.

Elastic lace laces as in the words of Peter Kay are the future.

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