How do you fly with your bike? 

How do you fly with your bike? 

I don’t mean quite literally, because unless you’re in the world of Harry Potter, that’s impossible. 

If you are going to a training camp or you are racing abroad, 

or if you live somewhere a bit more exotic and you’re traveling within the country, 

How are you gonna get your bike from where you live to where you’re racing it in one piece?

The simplest answer is using a bike box. 

They’re usually hard cushion shell boxes that you can dismantle your bike into.

Put it in there, stick it on the plane, take it off the plane and rebuild it.

Bike boxes are not all equal. 

There are some bike boxes where you will literally have to dismantle everything on the bike, apart from the frame.

And there are other bag boxes like the Bike Box Alan that we use and we would recommend to our athletes. 

All you have to do is take off the wheels and the pedals. 

Even if you are mechanically challenged, like me

You can still fly around the world with your bike and not have to worry that you’ve got to try and set it up or anything’s going to go wrong.

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