What should I wear for my first triathlon?

What should I wear for my first triathlon? 

If it’s a sprint triathlon, which is most people’s first ever triathlon, they usually take place in a pool.

You could get away with wearing a swimming costume.

Then you would get out of the pool, run into transition, put a t-shirt on and your shorts, and then off you go on your bike.

If you’re anything like me, I cannot get dressed when I’m wet. 

I would recommend either you beg, borrow, or steal a tri suit.

They’re well worth it. 

These are specially designed to dry quickly when you get out of the water.

They’re all one piece and they’ve got a little bit of shammy in the nether regions for when you’re actually sitting on your bike.

We live in the north of England, which is nearly always cold and it very often rains.

For your first triathlon I would suggest getting a little jacket because if it’s particularly cold, you can actually put the jacket on quickly, zip it up, get on the bike and pedal away.

You feel the cold more in your core. 

If you’ve got that covered up on the bike with the wind coming at you, that would be a top tip for wearing on top of your tri suit. 

Get yourself a tri suit. 

There are some very reasonably priced ones online or even big multiples like Aldi in the middle aisle sometimes sell tri suits.

Best of all, see if you can borrow one from your friend. 

Get yourself a tri suit.

Enjoy your first triathlon. 

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