Bib shorts or trisuit for cycling?

When you are training for a triathlon particularly in the cycle, most people will tend to wear cycling bib shorts because that’s what we buy for riding our bikes more comfortably. 

However, particularly as you get towards the racing part of the season, you might think, do I really want to do my races on these cycling bib shorts where the pad is quite a bit bigger because it is not designed for you to be able to run in.

Is there an alternative to that for triathlon? 

The answer to that is yes, particularly for racing you can buy yourself a trisuit that will help you be able to run off the bike and also stay padded while you’re on the bike because the shammy leather inside is a much more narrow fit, designed specifically for triathlon.

There are other companies, such as Position One who make specific triathlon pads, both for cycling bib shorts and also for triathlon suits. 

You can get the comfort you need, but also the ability to be able to run off the bike without waddling around like you’ve got a nappy on.

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