My tried and trusted wearables

Here’s a few of my tried and trusted wearables to put your phone in when you’re on a run. 

When I first started running, I used to wear an arm band.

It used to slip on your arm just there like a sleeve or something like that and your phone went in it. 

I didn’t really like that cuz it used to make me have a rash from the sweat a. 

I still see lots of people running with an arm band.

If that works for you, then that works for you. 

The other thing that I’ve also used and I still use now, is what we call a spy belt, which is a little really thin tube-like belt with a zip around the middle. 

It’s like a cavern, a bit like Dr Who’s Tardis, or Hermoine’s bag.

I am never gonna get my phone in there, all my keys, but trust me, you open it up, you shove it in, it absolutely works a treat. 

My favorite thing at the moment is a chest belt. 

It’s a company called Free Train, it’s a chest harness.

It has your phone holder in the middle, which is on a press stud.

You can see if someone’s phoned you and you can actually still use the keypad. 

Again, it’s personal preference.

None of these items are very expensive, but you’ll really, really benefit from having one.

Especially for a woman running on your own. 

If you’ve got your phone and you can set it for people to track you, then it’s a great idea. 

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