Why Invest in a Tri-Specific Wetsuit this Summer

With the summer, what passes as a summer in Great Britain, lots of people are now doing open water Tri’s. 

So that you’re buoyant in the right places.

We get asked a lot about what’s the difference between a tri suit that you see in service stations that you can buy for 15 quid or whatever, or a tri specific wetsuit.

Well, a massive difference. 

A tri specific wetsuit is made, obviously specifically for triathlon, where it has different layers of neoprene on your shoulders, and on your ankles, and on your wrists.

If you’re restricted in your shoulders, and they are usually are, you can buy different types of wetsuit that give you a lot more freedom to be able to move your shoulders.

Your wetsuit needs to have no wrinkles in it and to be able to pull it up and be comfortable. 

I say comfortable, but as comfortable as a wetsuit is ever going to be. 

Also, it will put you in the right position for swimming, where it will give you buoyancy on your hips and in your thighs to help stop your legs sinking.

Because that’s the biggest problem that the majority of triathletes have is that their legs sink. 

The non-specific tri wetsuits, which are usually for surfing at Newquay or somewhere like that, then they have nothing like that built into them.

As we’ve said before, a tri specific wetsuit will also stop you drowning.

I know that sounds a bit dramatic, but it will keep you afloat long enough for a rescue boat to come and collect you if you are in difficulties. 

Bypass WH Smiths at the service stations that say, buy this wetsuit.

Go to a reputable triathlon shop or online at a distributor like Huel or the wetsuits on Wiggle and buy a specific triathlon wetsuit.

You won’t regret it.

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