Are better tires and wheels going to make you faster?

Are better tyres and or better wheels gonna make you faster. 

The answer to that question is, yes, they will, but they’re not the biggest bang for buck that you can get when you’re gonna spend money. 

If you’re going to spend something, buy better quality race tyres with thin tubes and specific inner tubes that will help make you fast and you’ll probably save a couple of watts for that.

That will be a better saving in terms of what’s gained for £££’s spent compared to buying a new set of aerodynamic wheels, which will be a lot more expensive than inner tubes or tyres themselves.

If you are buying tyres/inner tubes in bulk, make sure that you buy ones from different boxes in the shop. 

Don’t get them all from the same box because if it’s a dodgy batch of rubber, you’ll just keep getting puncture after puncture.

You can spread your bets by getting ’em from each different box to make sure that you’re not trying to just end up with one set of dodgy rubber.

However, as always, the best money you can spend to make you faster will be getting a coach because they will help you train appropriately, give you the appropriate  setup that will enable you to go faster and more consistently over the course of the season. 

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