Master Proper Pool Conduct

master proper pool conduct to improve your swimming

Master proper pool conduct for optimal swim training. Learn about lane etiquette and how it can improve your performance and experience in the water.

Integrating Swim, Bike, Run into One Seamless Performance

Triathlon is one sport.  You don’t come into it thinking, I’m going to do a bit of training for running.  I’m going to do a bit of training for cycling. I’m going to do a bit of training for swimming.  So that when you get into a race, you think, oh, it’s all going to […]

The Reality of Swimming

I’m going to write about one of my favourite subjects, swimming.  Mainly, why is swimming hard?  I’ve been back to the pool today and swimming is hard.  When you do it properly, swimming is hard. For everybody who’s looking for that magic bullet, if you are doing it correctly.  Then, there are no easy ways […]

Prioritizing Water Quality in Open Swims

What I want to talk to you about is open water and also about the quality of the open water that you swim in.  If you follow triathlon, you will have seen that the World Triathlon Series that was held at Sunderland has resulted in quite a number of people becoming ill, mainly from the […]

Swim, Bike, Run, Duathlon: The Rebranded Go-Tri Experience 

Go-Tri has now been rebranded as Swim, Bike, Run so our monthly duathlon at the Doncaster Cycle Track is now Swim, Bike, Run, Duathlon and that will be taking place again at the end of the month.  The last Sunday of the month at nine o’clock at the cycle track at Doncaster, near the Doncaster […]

Choosing the Right Paddles for Your Triathlon Swim

Now… Oliver and I use swimming paddles in almost every session that we swim in.  We don’t use them for the whole session but we will use them for the majority of the session and as we coach our athletes we also use paddles in those sessions too.  Now we have a specific type of […]

How often should you swim?

How often should you swim if you are a beginner swimmer?  We get this asked a lot now.  There is no substitute for swimming. I bang on about this all the time, and I know this because I used to hate going swimming I get where people are coming from, but you will never, ever […]

How to put your wetsuit on

You’ve got a wetsuit and you’re thinking, how on earth am I going to get this on?  Don’t make the mistake of thinking that zip goes to the front because it doesn’t, it goes at the back.  How do I put one on?  First of all, I would recommend getting yourself some cricket inner gloves […]

Our Swim the triathlon course 

People ask me why should I come to your Learn to Swim the Triathlon course?  Every month when I do the go triaquathons at our local pooI, see people swimming andI think…….. That is the reason you should come to our learn to swim front crawl for triathlon because we can make you so much […]

How to keep safe in the sea

It’s that time of year where people might be thinking about getting in open water. We’ve got some tips to keep you safe and to make sure that there are no adverse problems with that.  1. Always try swimming somewhere that is a supervised open water facility with safety devices and jet skis in case […]