How to put your wetsuit on

You’ve got a wetsuit and you’re thinking, how on earth am I going to get this on? 

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that zip goes to the front because it doesn’t, it goes at the back. 

How do I put one on? 

First of all, I would recommend getting yourself some cricket inner gloves on your fingers.

You can buy some specialized white gloves from a cricket shop, they use them inside their big gloves, stop their hands from getting sweaty.

Or you can buy yourself some gloves that you put on at night if you’ve got a skin infection or something like that. 

They are the best thing that you’ll invest in apart from your wetsuit because put your nails won’t go through the neoprene, which is a very costly mistake. 

Start at the bottom, put it on your foot. 

Get your foot through it. 

Get up to about halfway up your calf, and then start gradually, bunch up the material and just keep pulling it up till you get to your thighs.

Once you get to your thighs, I would imagine that you sat down doing this, then stand up and start gradually pulling it up. 

That’s the reason I wear the white gloves because that’s where you get nicks in your neoprene.

Pull it up till you’ve got it right up and it’s all nice and smooth around your arms and you’ve got all the rest of the neoprene in a bunch around your neck/chest.

Pull it right up and get someone behind you to zip it up at the back. 

What you have to do then is jump about a bit and get it all nice and straight around you.

You need to have the shoulders nice and smooth so that you’ve got plenty of give as it’s the shoulders area that you’re gonna need the most flexibility. 

Make sure you’ve got no wrinkles in the bottom over your legs and 

you’ve got no wrinkles as you’re coming up over your torso, so that you’ve got as much neoprene as you can around your shoulders so that you’ve got plenty of flexibility.

That’s the best way to put your wetsuit on.

You will need to practice and you will feel like you’ve been in a sauna and you’ve actually done a race when you’ve got it on. 

You do get better the more you practice.  

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