Choosing the Right Paddles for Your Triathlon Swim

Now… Oliver and I use swimming paddles in almost every session that we swim in. 

We don’t use them for the whole session but we will use them for the majority of the session and as we coach our athletes we also use paddles in those sessions too. 

Now we have a specific type of paddle, you want it to be able to just cover your hand, you don’t want big dinner plates.

They need to sit on your hand and use them to just push the water back. 

What that does, it helps you build the right muscles in your back. 

It’s like doing weights really, at the gym only these are specifically for swimming and for swimming in triathlon because it’s your arms that propel you forward.

The stronger we can make your arms be able to pull you through the water the better you swim and the better triathlon you will have.

You won’t be exhausted when you get out of the swim and you can then get onto your bike and ride your bike and obviously then get onto the run and do the run without being absolutely spent before you’ve even got to the majority part of the triathlon.

We would have used Malmsten paddles which are quite an oval, just follow the contour of your hand. 

You just need them to follow your hands, you don’t need any dips in them or there’s all sorts of fancy things.

You don’t need those. 

You need them that are going to just go over your hands.

The ones that we’re using at the moment are TYR and they are called, TYR Catalyst. 

As I said, we used to use Malmsten, but they are so expensive now because of the B word. 

Better to buy TYR and save us all some pennies because after all, we are from Yorkshire and we like value for money.

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