Swim, Bike, Run, Duathlon: The Rebranded Go-Tri Experience 

Go-Tri has now been rebranded as Swim, Bike, Run so our monthly duathlon at the Doncaster Cycle Track is now Swim, Bike, Run, Duathlon and that will be taking place again at the end of the month. 

The last Sunday of the month at nine o’clock at the cycle track at Doncaster, near the Doncaster Dome.

The cost of entry is just £5. 

There are three events. 

There’s a junior event, a beginner’s event, and a longer course event.

You can enter one of them and change your mind halfway through and do the event that you actually want to do when you’re going round because it is a closed one kilometre loop.

You are away from the traffic, away from having to abide by the rules of the road, and you can make your race up as you go along really. 

They also at the facility have a bike hire, so you can hire a bike and a helmet for £7 additionally.

So you don’t even have to own your own bike to be able to come and take part in the event. 

If you’re interested in doing so, you can look at the British Triathlon, Swim, Bike, Run event, which has all the details on there.

Or alternative, if you go to our website at teamanimis.com, the event is also listed on there for you.

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Animis Coaching Team

We're Coaches Jacqui and Oliver Saxon, the Animis Coaching Team.

We are a mom and son coaching team who have changed our lives through the sport of triathlon. We aim to break down the mysteries of triathlon training and show you, the avid traithlete, how simple and flexible it can be so triathlon training really does become part of your lifestyle and not just a hobby.