Our Swim the triathlon course 

People ask me why should I come to your Learn to Swim the Triathlon course? 

Every month when I do the go triaquathons at our local pooI, see people swimming andI think……..

That is the reason you should come to our learn to swim front crawl for triathlon because we can make you so much better.

I see people struggling with all sorts of different front crawl styles that are obviously a mismatch of all the things they’ve read in a magazine or watched on YouTube, which is taking them nowhere or swimming breaststroke, like a blended frog. 

Honestly, most of those things can be ironed out within our six week course.

We have hundreds of triathletes who have been through our program and now swim confidently all over the country and some all over the world doing front crawl and not getting into a tangle.

Doing it efficiently, breathing nicely so that they’re not out of breath and getting them to the next part of the triathlon in the best possible state.

You want to get into T1 in the best possible way that you can to get onto your bike, and that’s another conversation altogether. 

So if you are struggling with your swim, and you’re thinking, I can’t get this, I have no idea. I’ve tried this, I’ve tried that. 

Watch out for our next course, which is gonna be running towards the end of June and we will get you sorted in six weeks.

I promise.

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