Prioritizing Water Quality in Open Swims

What I want to talk to you about is open water and also about the quality of the open water that you swim in. 

If you follow triathlon, you will have seen that the World Triathlon Series that was held at Sunderland has resulted in quite a number of people becoming ill, mainly from the water quality, including the elites and a lot of age groupers.

Now, obviously British Triathlon tested the water but they’ve got no control over weather conditions. 

If it’s rained it will affect the quality of the water on the day, it’s something that they’ve got no control over.

I would recommend if you’re going to do open water that you would swim in a lake that has their water quality tested.

Probably most people would test it every couple of days so that then you can be sure that when you get in that water, it is safe to swim in. 

Not only is it safe because of the safety measures that are taking place around you, but also because the water quality is safe.

Now you can always fall back on the drink a can of full fat Coke afterwards, I don’t know whether it’s an old wife’s tale!

Don’t know how that works, but I would say make sure that the water quality is right before you even get your feet in, nevermind your head. 

Look for a site where water quality is tested and also that they’ve got great safety facilities as well and enjoy the open water. 

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