How to keep safe in the sea

It’s that time of year where people might be thinking about getting in open water.

We’ve got some tips to keep you safe and to make sure that there are no adverse problems with that. 

1. Always try swimming somewhere that is a supervised open water facility with safety devices and jet skis in case you get into trouble so that you can be rescued if anything untoward was to happen. 

2. Make sure that you are swimming somewhere where you know the quality of the water, particularly in the UK where we’re all aware of what’s been going on in our waterways. 

This makes open water swimming more dangerous.

Only swim somewhere where the water quality is tested, then you are reducing the chance of you picking up something horrible that might do a lot of damage to you.

3. Do not go open and water swimming if you have broken skin.

If you’ve fallen off your bike and got some road rash, if you have got a cut on your hands or feet, don’t go in the water because that is asking for bacteria to get in and cause a problem.

Make sure you’ve got no broken skin on your body before you get in open water. 

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