Balancing Training and Family Time

During our triathlon holidays, they are actually a holiday – we build in lots of time for you to be able to spend with your family.  Typically, triathlon holidays are very selfish.  You’re out there training for 35 hours in a week, which leaves very little time for downtime or holiday time. When you’ve spent […]

Swimming at Quarteira Municipal Pool

This is a really important part of our triathlon holidays.  We actually swim in the beautiful Quarteira Municipal Pool, which if you think of a municipal pool in the UK you’d be thinking, oh no –  it’s not like that at all in Quarteira. You will be swimming alongside the BTF Elite Triathlon squad because […]

Coffee Chats with Our Coaches

One of the things that I wanted to talk to you about are our discussions that we have each day about triathlon.  These are our coffee and cake catch ups and we explain how we coach triathlon because it is completely different to a lot of other coaches. We actually coach triathlon.  We don’t coach […]

Chasing Hills in the Algarve

On our triathlon holidays in Portugal, we don’t have the coals or the climbs that Spain and the Balearic Islands or even the Canaries really have. However, there are two UCI cycling races that take place in Portugal as the Volta a Portugal and the Volta a Algarve.  All of them feature hills and climbs, […]

Discover the Sociable Side of Triathlon

Now, this week you’ve definitely seen me post more than once about the benefits of our triathlon training holidays in Vilamoura,Portugal.  We really try to make these as sociable as we possibly can. If you come on your own, you won’t end up being stuck on your own. One of the things that we’ve learned […]

No One Left Behind on Our Triathlon Holidays

This week we’re talking about our triathlon holidays that are happening in November and in April next year, talking about the specific elements that happen within them.  One of them is that we make sure that nobody gets left behind. All our sessions are done in a closed environment or on a looped course, so […]

Your Ticket to Sunnier Training

You might have seen my previous posts about our triathlon holidays.  You get to put the gloom, the damp and the dark behind you and come out to some sunnier climes with warmer temperatures. We have our triathlon holidays in Vilamoura on the Algarve.  The time that we go it’s mostly sunny and warm. You’ll […]

Escape the Winter Blues Join Us for a Triathlon Holiday

The nights are drawing in, and the rain is going to start coming down and the wind is blowing. You might be thinking I wish I could do some training in sunny and warmer weather. Well, good news we have a series of triathlon holidays coming up, the first one in November and then our […]

Boost Your Training in Sunny Portugal

As the nights are drawing in and it’s all getting a bit blustery and rainy here in the UK, some good news for you.  We have our autumn tune up coming up in Vilamoura in sunny Portugal.  I am reliably informed that November is a good month for sunshine in the Algarve. What do we […]

Autumn tune-up camp 

At team Animis, we are hosting an autumn tuneup camp training retreat at Vilamoura, Portugal, starting on November 1st,for four days. During this course,we will do some swimming, we’ll do some off-road cycling, and we’ll do some running by the beach front.  All over the aim of picking up where you are at the end […]