Balancing Training and Family Time

During our triathlon holidays, they are actually a holiday – we build in lots of time for you to be able to spend with your family. 

Typically, triathlon holidays are very selfish. 

You’re out there training for 35 hours in a week, which leaves very little time for downtime or holiday time.

When you’ve spent 48 weeks of the year working, then your holiday should be that, a holiday. 

We structure our training sessions to finish around lunchtime so that if you want to, you can actually go out with your family, to the beach, to the pool, and have some family time. 

If you don’t want to take your family, that’s fine again.

There’s time for you to have that downtime you need to decompress and recover from the training to be ready for the next day. 

They are actually a holiday, they are not a camp where you are beasted every day. 

You will get structured training but you will also get time for yourself.

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