Your Ticket to Sunnier Training

You might have seen my previous posts about our triathlon holidays. 

You get to put the gloom, the damp and the dark behind you and come out to some sunnier climes with warmer temperatures.

We have our triathlon holidays in Vilamoura on the Algarve. 

The time that we go it’s mostly sunny and warm.

You’ll get the vitamin D from the sunlight, which in a northern European winter, we’re often lacking and it helps us maintain our wellbeing.

You’ll also feel relaxed because you’re in the sun. 

It’s a break from your work and the temperature will be much more appropriate and something nicer for you to train in. 

However, you do have to go back and train in the cold, but only until April, in which case you can come back and train with us again in the sun.

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