Escape the Winter Blues Join Us for a Triathlon Holiday

The nights are drawing in, and the rain is going to start coming down and the wind is blowing.

You might be thinking I wish I could do some training in sunny and warmer weather.

Well, good news we have a series of triathlon holidays coming up, the first one in November and then our regular spring camp will be coming up in April.

Why should you choose a triathlon holiday with us?

Firstly structured training –  all of our sessions are planned in advance and the whole week is planned to fit together neatly.

Each session that we put on each day will be altered per athlete that gets there.

Everybody will get the most out of the session, no matter their ability, whether you are just starting or whether you’re a veteran triathlete, our sessions will be tailored to fit you.

It’s not impossible that we could have eight different sessions for eight different athletes all taking place in the pool or the track. 

We’d like to make sure that you get the most out of it. 

And you don’t feel like this is beyond you or that this is too simple.

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