Boost Your Training in Sunny Portugal

As the nights are drawing in and it’s all getting a bit blustery and rainy here in the UK, some good news for you. 

We have our autumn tune up coming up in Vilamoura in sunny Portugal. 

I am reliably informed that November is a good month for sunshine in the Algarve.

What do we do on our autumn tune up?

We will have three swim sessions where we’ll work on your technique and stamina, giving you some tips to put into practice during the winter months. 

We’ll also have two really good run sessions along the seafront and to the lighthouse, they’re absolutely brilliant.

Again, we’ll give you hints and tips to work on your technique and your form, that will help you in the winter months. 

We’re doing something a little bit different. 

We’re going to hire some Mountain bikes and we’re going to go exploring mountain bike riding in the orange and lemon groves around Vilamoura, which are absolutely beautiful.

It will help us with our hill descending technique.

There are lots of things that we can work on that we would not be able to do in rainy, blustery, very windy the UK. 

If you’re interested in coming along, between the 2nd and the 5th of November and it’s only £150 for your coaching. 

You can get quite inexpensive Airbnbs and inexpensive flights at that time of year. 

What are you waiting for? 

Come and give yourself an autumn boost, come along to the training holiday and have a great time. 

Meet like minded people and get some great quality coaching.

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