No One Left Behind on Our Triathlon Holidays

This week we’re talking about our triathlon holidays that are happening in November and in April next year, talking about the specific elements that happen within them. 

One of them is that we make sure that nobody gets left behind.

All our sessions are done in a closed environment or on a looped course, so that people, no matter their ability, are never far away from each other.

Nobody will be left behind in any session that we do. 

Every session is all planned and then is specifically tailored once we’ve seen everybody’s ability on swimming, biking, running or a combination thereof.

All the sessions are on a looped course or in the pool, which is a finite space. 

You’re never going to feel like you’re left behind. 

We’ll always make sure that you can complete the session so that you get a sense of satisfaction from having completed it and not thinking, that was well beyond my ability.

Picture of Animis Coaching Team

Animis Coaching Team

We're Coaches Jacqui and Oliver Saxon, the Animis Coaching Team.

We are a mom and son coaching team who have changed our lives through the sport of triathlon. We aim to break down the mysteries of triathlon training and show you, the avid traithlete, how simple and flexible it can be so triathlon training really does become part of your lifestyle and not just a hobby.