Tips for fueling and hydration

This week in our coaching group, we’ve been asked to speak about or to let people know some tips to do with fueling and hydration and how we get those right.  There isn’t a correct answer for this because everybody is different and everybody will have different requirements depending on their distances and how their […]

How do you carry race nutrition on the bike

How do you carry race nutrition on the bike?  There’s a couple of ways that you can do this and some of them are scientific and some of them not so scientific. If you have a tri suit, or a cycling shirt, you can always slip in your nutrition into the pockets at the back […]

Recovery after your big race

What do you do after you finished your big race?  Firstly, you need to recover from the effort that you’ve done,reflect and bask in your own glory from completing your triathlon and meeting your goals.  For recovery, I would look at taking plenty of protein immediately afterwards, perhaps a chocolate milkshake or something else that […]

Nutrition in a long distance race

What should I do with on-course nutrition in a long distance race?  By a long distance race, I mean either a 70.3 or equivalent distance, an Ironman or equivalent distance.  The best tip I can give you is don’t rely on what you are being given on the course unless you can practice with it […]

What should I eat before a race?

What should I eat before a race on race day morning? Eat something that’s relatively easy, digestible, and something that you are used to eating at home.  Don’t try anything new on race day.  Quite a lot of athletes might have something like overnight oats because they will have them most days of the week. […]

Do I need to fuel while I’m doing a sprint triathlon?

Do I need to fuel while I’m doing a sprint triathlon? It largely depends how long you think it’s going to take you to complete it.  Normally the body stores an hour to an hour and 15 minutes worth of energy in our regular glycogen stores.  Provided that you have eaten sensibly in the lead […]

How do I eat and drink during a triathlon? 

How do I eat and drink during a triathlon? This is a really good question because it is something that particularly the longer the distance you go, so from Olympic distance probably through to Ironman and Ultra Ironman events is something that you’re really gonna have to pay attention to. There is no right or […]