Tips for fueling and hydration

This week in our coaching group, we’ve been asked to speak about or to let people know some tips to do with fueling and hydration and how we get those right. 

There isn’t a correct answer for this because everybody is different and everybody will have different requirements depending on their distances and how their bodies are made up.

It’s really a question of experimenting with something that you like, seeing how it affects you, recording what it does to you.

Then either carry on with that or If it’s fine, tweaking it by adding in more or adding in less and working from there.

Hydration in particular will mainly not be about the water you consume, but the amount of sweat and electrolytes that you can put back into your body. 

Consider having a sweat test .

If you don’t do that, on a hot day when you finish your session, you can feel the grains of salt on your skin or you’ve got a white mark on a headband or hat, then you’d probably be a bit of a salty sweater.

You might need more than one hydration tablet in your drink while you’re doing these sessions, particularly in hot weather or in a hot environment, like on a turbo or a treadmill in a gym.

For fueling, there is a formula that will tell you based on your body weight, how many carbohydrates you should be consuming an hour, but that is based on the average person for that weight, there will be an individual element for each person.

You can start with that formula and then tweak it as you go along to find out what works best for you.

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