What should I eat before a race?

What should I eat before a race on race day morning?

Eat something that’s relatively easy, digestible, and something that you are used to eating at home. 

Don’t try anything new on race day. 

Quite a lot of athletes might have something like overnight oats because they will have them most days of the week.

Therefore, on a race day, that’s what you need.

It’s got plenty of carbs in it, protein, everything you need. 

Personally, I like rice pudding before I do a race. 

It’s again, carbohydrate, protein, a bit of fa.

Everything I need for some calories to get me going.

I’m not particularly worried about massively loading up on energy before I go and do an event.

Providing that through the week, you have been storing up your energy by taking on carbohydrates for glycogen store, the body could only store so much anyway, and by the time you get up race morning, it’s probably near enough as topped up as it’s ever gonna be.

Having a normal breakfast that you could tolerate, that you’ve practiced, is much better for you than trying to force down a load of carbs and feeling sick on the swim. 

Or even worse being sick on the bike.

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