How do I eat and drink during a triathlon? 

How do I eat and drink during a triathlon?

This is a really good question because it is something that particularly the longer the distance you go, so from Olympic distance probably through to Ironman and Ultra Ironman events is something that you’re really gonna have to pay attention to.

There is no right or wrong answer for doing this. 

You should probably have a drink of water and or electrolytes every 20 minutes from a bottle. 

Then really you’re wanting to get in carbohydrates while you’re riding in your bike in whatever event distance you are doing.

You can do that in a variety of ways. 

You’ll find that people will use gels because they’re convenient and they’re easy to get down. 

They’re liquid and they don’t cause you any problems. 

That can lead to gastric distress in some cases and maybe even becoming sick of actually taking them in the first place.

So try and put some real food in there, I’ve seen people with sausage rolls taped to the front of the bike. 

When I’m doing a half Ironman distance race, I have peanut M&M’s because they are chocolatey and nutty and they’re just a different consistency to the gels that I’ll then later have in the race.

Experiment with it during your training and see what you like best.

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