Recovery after your big race

What do you do after you finished your big race? 

Firstly, you need to recover from the effort that you’ve done,reflect and bask in your own glory from completing your triathlon and meeting your goals. 

For recovery, I would look at taking plenty of protein immediately afterwards, perhaps a chocolate milkshake or something else that you can tolerate, something quite light on your stomach.

Then I would be looking to get a hot bath as soon as I could get home, or put some in my favorite HUUB heated trousers on to start getting the blood moving around the legs and get rid of that lactate. 

Then the next few days look at doing some easy training just to get the body moving again and get the muscles nice and relaxed and the lactic acid flowing out of them. 

If you are an athlete who has then suddenly been bitten by the triathlon bug, get yourself booked in for another race because that will then give you something else to work towards and keep you consistent and honest in your training.

If you’re a one and done athlete and you’ve completed it as a bucket list event, congratulations, I’m really chuffed for you, but hopefully we’ll see you again.

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