How do you carry race nutrition on the bike

How do you carry race nutrition on the bike? 

There’s a couple of ways that you can do this and some of them are scientific and some of them not so scientific.

If you have a tri suit, or a cycling shirt, you can always slip in your nutrition into the pockets at the back of them and then be able to reach round and get them when you need them.

Alternatively, you can always tape things to your handlebar. 

I’ve seen people tape flapjacks down with gaffer tape or fastening down gels, so you just have to rip them off and eat them on the go. 

You can get a top tube bag, which is a little thin material bag that sits just on your top tube and you can put your race nutrition in there.

I personally have a mix.

When I’m racing out, have a couple of gels in my pocket, I’ll have my race nutrition drink on my aero bars and in my top tube bag I’ll have some peanut M&M’s. 

Depending on how I feel and how far I’m going out for, I’ve got various different ways that I can refuel while I’m doing that.

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