Nutrition in a long distance race

What should I do with on-course nutrition in a long distance race? 

By a long distance race, I mean either a 70.3 or equivalent distance, an Ironman or equivalent distance. 

The best tip I can give you is don’t rely on what you are being given on the course unless you can practice with it in training.

Even then, be careful, particularly if you are doing a race somewhere warm. 

The on course drink is likely to be out in the sun unrefrigerated probably for a long time by the time you get to it, particularly towards the end of the bike or the run. 

That’s not the sort of thing I would want to drink, particularly if I’ve not practiced with it in training.

Equally with any gels or other supplements that you handed out on the course, make sure that you are used to taking them beforehand.

If they’re not the same brand, take your own. 

You can buy a little race belt and pop them in alongside you, or tape them to your bike and have them while you’re doing the event.

Then you’ve used the same stuff that your body’s already used to.

The reason why some people get gastric distress while they’re doing a triathlon is because they practice with one brand, get to the race, take all theirs, and it’s either fermented in the heat or their body just isn’t used to that particular product. 

Don’t change anything. 

Stick with what you know.

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