A Guide to Setting Clear Triathlon Goals

We need to start the off season by setting some goals for 2024.   I always want them to be specific goals, not  saying, I want to be faster in the swim, or I want to be more powerful on the bike.  That’s not really a specific goal, because you might as well say, how long […]

Evaluating Your Triathlon Season

I’ve been reflecting on my season that’s just gone, I’m sure that I’m not alone and that you were all reflecting on last season.  That is a good thing, because we need to think about what we do well, what didn’t do so well and what areas we need to improve. Did you achieve the […]

 Making the Most of Dark Mornings for Training

In the UK, we are now getting into the dreaded dark mornings and dark evenings.  I personally absolutely love dark mornings and I find it really difficult to get up.  I find that I train better in the morning because you can get it done, go to work, and you’re finished. Then, your day can […]

Building Mental Fortitude for Triathletes

As we’re entering the winter months, it’s really tempting to pack everything in and not do anything and stop under the duvet cover.  But triathlon is a very mental sport, in that you need mental fortitude to complete all three disciplines.  Especially if you’re going to be looking at upping your game and doing a […]

What to do when you’ve had a bad race

What do you do when your race has not gone to plan?  We all know the feeling.  You feel terrible.  You think you’ve let yourself down, you’ve let your family down, you’ve let everybody down.  You feel really down in the dumps.  We’ve all been there, but how do we recover from that?  Because you […]

Recovery after your big race

What do you do after you finished your big race?  Firstly, you need to recover from the effort that you’ve done,reflect and bask in your own glory from completing your triathlon and meeting your goals.  For recovery, I would look at taking plenty of protein immediately afterwards, perhaps a chocolate milkshake or something else that […]

How do you deal with nerves?

Race season is really ramping up, lots of people, myself included, suffer with nerves.  Now how do you deal with those?  There are a few ways.  One of them that I found particularly helpful is to have a playlist that I put on my phone, put my earphones in and warm up to that playlist. […]

Pre-race jitters

Everybody gets pre-race jitters before they do a race whether you are at the front end of the pack or whether you are doing your first triathlon. One of the best tips that you can do to calm your nerves, and this is actually something that was taught to me by a friend of mine […]

Balance a demanding career with training

How do I balance a demanding career with racing and triathlons?  From a coaching perspective, there is an answer to this, but also a lack of perspective. I am a lawyer.  I run my own solicitor’s practice.  I have a demanding career and I am able to keep up with my triathlon training.  Can I […]

Keeping a work-life balance training for a triathlon

We’re often asked about work-life balance when it comes to training for a triathlon.  Now you can make it as hard or as easy as you like. If you’ve got a family and a stressful job or something that takes a lot of your time, then we always say, you should always concentrate on your […]