How do you deal with nerves?

Race season is really ramping up, lots of people, myself included, suffer with nerves. 

Now how do you deal with those? 

There are a few ways. 

One of them that I found particularly helpful is to have a playlist that I put on my phone, put my earphones in and warm up to that playlist.

That gets me in the right frame of mind to start the race.

Deep breathing techniques also help calm the nerves, which are easy to do and to learn. 

One of the best things that someone ever said to me, and I pass it on to all my athletes and I’m gonna pass it on to you just the same, although I will not use the fruity language that he used.

This chap who we count as quite a good friend and was an absolutely brilliant athlete in his day, he was a UK international track athlete.

He said, are you going to win?


What the f are you worried about? 

Go out, enjoy yourself. 

Have some fun. 

That’s what it’s about. 

Stop panicking.

Just have fun and smile. 

That’s my top tip when you’re feeling nervous, smile, because then you feel much, much better.

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