Making the Most of Dark Mornings for Training

In the UK, we are now getting into the dreaded dark mornings and dark evenings. 

I personally absolutely love dark mornings and I find it really difficult to get up. 

I find that I train better in the morning because you can get it done, go to work, and you’re finished.

Then, your day can start. 

How do I help myself get over this dark morning’s loathing? 

First of all, I get all my clothes out that I’m going to need for my training session the next day. 

‘ll lay them all out in the bathroom, ready to get dressed. 

Set my alarm,  as soon as the alarm went off, get up, because if you hit the snooze button or you think I’ll have five minutes, you won’t get up.

Get up, get your gear on, get your coat on

Go outside and do your training.

Go to the leisure centre, the pool, the gym, wherever it is that you’re going to do your training.

By the time you’ve come out of, wherever you’ve been, it’s light. 

You feel a lot better for doing it. 

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