Keeping a work-life balance training for a triathlon

We’re often asked about work-life balance when it comes to training for a triathlon. 

Now you can make it as hard or as easy as you like.

If you’ve got a family and a stressful job or something that takes a lot of your time, then we always say, you should always concentrate on your family first.

It should be work first, then family, if you haven’t got a job, then you can’t provide for your family.

You can easily train for an Ironman even for less than 20 hours a week. 

I saw an article earlier this week about a guy who was going to up his work hours to 50 hours and could he still do 25 hours training for an Ironman?

Well, I think that’s a lot of hours training for an Ironman, but you certainly can do it because he has no family. 

He hasn’t got a wife, he hasn’t got any kids and his social life was doing triathlons so it’s a no-brainer really. 

He was actually trying to be good enough to be able to be a professional then yeah, you can do that, but be sensible.

For the majority of people, 99% of the population, you can train for a triathlon in less than 8 hours a week, easily.

But you have to be sensible. 

It’s always a good idea to get a coach because then they can help you prioritize which sessions are the best ones for you to do, to get the most out of your training,  have a happy, fulfilling family life, not mess your boss about and also concentrate on your job.

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