Zone 2 training, what is it?

Zone two training is all the rage at the minute. 

You can divide your training into zone one, zone two, zone three, zone four, and zone five.

Zone one’s really, really easy and zone five is the hardest you can go. 

People will say,

Well, what’s zone two? 

 Isn’t that really boring for me to be doing it and it’s below my ability? 

What it really means is that it’s an easy conversational pace, whether you’re swimming, backing or running.

The majority of your training should be done at that pace.

Let’s say 80, 85% of it is done that, leaving a small amount to be done at a higher than threshold pace or a more difficult pace than easy. 

Triathlon is an aerobic spot. 

Our shortest distance is a sprint triathlon, which for most of us will take more than an hour.

That’s aerobic. 

So the bigger your aerobic engine, the faster you’ll go.

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