Whats a transition?

The transition is a way of getting from one discipline to the other – from the swim to the bike and from the bike to the run.

What do I do in transition? 

Are you wanting to podium or are you just wanting to enjoy the race? 

Now, my husband would sit down in transition, get himself sorted, put his t-shirt on, powder his feet, then put his socks on.

But that is a bit extreme.

If you imagine when you get out of the pool, you’re a bit wet so I would put a little towel at the side of my bike so that I could dry my feet before I put my bicycle shoes on.

Then either put tyour top on or if you’ve got a trisuit, you don’t need to do that. 

Then wheel your bike out through the transition area to the start area, what we call the mount line, get on your bike and off you go. 

When you come back and you get off your bike and you’re really in transition you take your bike helmet off first and then rack your bike. 

Then you take your helmet off, you take your bicycle shoes off, you’ll have your trainers lined up, you’ll just slip your feet into the trainers and then put your sunnies on and off you go running.

There are always extremes of this, so you can either slow it all down and do things at your pace. 

There are no set rules as to what you must do in a triathlon. 

I would always recommend having a little towel where you can wipe your feet because there’s nothing worse than stones or bits on your feet when you put them in shoes. 

So that’s a transition.

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Transition tips for triathlons

Transitioning from one discipline to another can make or break your race.

 It’s important to have a plan and be organized.

 Have a small towel nearby to dry your feet and prevent discomfort from stones or debris when putting on your shoes.

If you’re using a trisuit, you won’t need to change your top. 

When coming back from the bike, remove your helmet first, rack your bike, and change into your running shoes before putting on your sunglasses and starting the run.

Remember, there are no set rules, so take your time and find what works best for you!

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