What is a turbo 

This week we’ve been asked what a turbo is and how do you use them?

In Europe, particularly in the Northern hemisphere, it’s starting to get warmer and sunnier, so you’d be more inclined to ride out, but there’s still room for riding your turbo inside, even in the summer to get good quality workouts.

A turbo will allow you to get the most bang for your buck. 

It’s safe, you are not gonna get hit by any traffic, and you’re not having to deal with traffic lights or turning corners or anything like that. 

What is a turbo? 

Well, it varies, although they all tend to work on the same mechanism. 

You remove your rear wheel in some cases, some cases you don’t and attach it to a flywheel at the back, which is either your wheel running onto a cylinder, or in some cases a direct drive where you put your chain onto a cassette fastened to the turbo and you pedal like that. 

And rather than going forward, you don’t go anywhere unless you are connected to Zwift or Trainer Road, in which case your avatar will move.

That will help you get specific training in the short time frame that you’ve got. 

If you live in a really busy city and going out on the bike is dangerous, then you can do your long rides in front of the tv and watch some sport or even a film. 

It’s a really safe and effective way for you to be able to do your training. 

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