We Are Fully Qualified Triathlon Coaches

We are not just swim coaches here at Team Animis, we are fully qualified triathlon coaches. 

We have all the badges, all the certificates, everything that you could want to assure you that we are bonafide triathlon coaches.

We are British Triathlon Level 2 coaches. 

We are Training Peak Certified. 

We are Ironman U Certified.
We are Trisutto Certified. 

We’ve also got oodles and oodles of practical experience, which many of the online coaches don’t have. 

We actually coach four hours a week. 

On deck. 

That means in person observing athletes how they are training.

If you would like really experienced, very nice, friendly Yorkshire plain, speaking people to be your triathlon coach and achieve your goals just click the link below and then we’ll be able to set up a conversation and see if we are a good fit.  Contact – Animis (animiscopy.tempurl.host)

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