Trust Your Instincts, Not Just Your Smartwatch in Training

Now your fancy watch is telling you that the training that you’ve been doing is unproductive and you’re getting a bit concerned about this. 

Well, the question is, should you be concerned about it?

And the answer is no. 

Definitely not be concerned about it. 

Your watch is an algorithm. 

It’s just an algorithm.

It takes an average person and tries to apply that to you.

It’s also probably using wrist based heart rate balancers, which, especially when it’s on your wrist, a particularly bony part of your body, is not providing an accurate reading to the watch itself either.

So, it’s probably highly inaccurate, and the best judge of all as to whether your training is productive is how you feel during these training sessions. 

Can you see improvement in your training sessions? 

And do you feel fitter and are you enjoying your training sessions? 

If all of those are the same, you can safely ignore your watch because you are not being unproductive.

You are actually being productive.

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