Top tips if you’ve not done a triathlon

We’re coming up to race season here in Great Britain, and it’ll soon be upon us where we’re doing triathlons. 

At the moment, just sprint triathlons because the weather is still cold for open water swimming. 

Here’s a few tips if you’ve not done a triathlon before.

First of all, make a list.

A list is really important. 

Write down all the things that you need on the day. 

For example, you’ll need your swimming costume or a tri suit.

You want something warm to put on, on your bike. 

I would suggest a nice zip up thin jacket because once you get onto the bike in the spring it can be quite cool and you’re gonna get cold in your coat.

The main thing is that you finish and you’ve had a good time.

You can get elastic laces. 

They are amazing.

There are different brands to try and that’s just personal preference, but they will save so much time in transition. 

All you need to do is just slip your feet into the trainers and off you go.

You’ve not got to tie them up. 

You’ve not got to think, oh, I’m gonna trip over my lace because they’re already done. 

Another tip is talcum powder/baby powder.

That is a great thing to put inside your cycling shoes and inside your trainers for the run and the bike because that helps you slip your feet into the shoe without socks.

Once you’ve got outta the pool and then you’re in transition, your main focus is getting your helmet on, getting a jacket on if it’s cold and slipping your feet into your bike shoes. 

If you’ve got talcum powder in it helps you slip in nice and easily.

Same with running. 

Being able to slip your feet straight into them and like I said, you also have an elastic laces also means you’ve got a super fast transition. 

Another thing I would suggest is you have a towel. 

Now, British Triathlon are quite keen on space and what have you in transition. 

So you need to follow the rules of the race on the day, if you’re not sure, ask advice from the race organizer or the BTF referee.

If you’ve got a towel in transition and your trainers and bike shoes on top of it, you can actually wipe your feet a little bit before you actually put them into your shoes.

If it’s raining, I would also have a plastic bag or something and put my shoes in that. 

It just helps stop getting the rain going in your shoes because that’s not pleasant when you’ve got wet shoes. 

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