The Untold Challenges of Being an Event Director

The Untold Challenges of Being an Event Director

People think being an event director is really easy. 

You’ve swan about on race day with a nice Hi Vis jacket on that says Event Director like lion tamer or something. 

But trust me, it is so stressful. 

We’re coming up to our Crowle Triathlon on the 3rd of September and the amount of curve balls that are thrown at you before you even get to race day causes so much stress.

I’ve got my own businesses as well as Oliver, and for the last six weeks, I’ve hardly done anything to do with my own business because I’ve been concentrating on getting everything right for the race.

Making sure the adverts are going out, making sure the social media posts are going out, making sure that all the suppliers are going to turn up.

Then your medical provider says, I’ve decided I’m not doing it anymore and you’ve got two weeks to find someone else, it is not easy. 

When you see a race director walking about on race day, have a bit of sympathy because up to that time, they’ll have been so stressed.

They’ll have been up from at least 4 o’clock that morning making sure that all the signs are still in place where you’ve put them and that everything is going to run to plan.

It’s not easy being an event director and I can honestly tell you that. 

We do it because we love the sport and without grassroots triathlon, there will be no elite triathlon. 

There’ll be no Olympic triathlons, no World Series, because where are people going to learn their art in a local race?

Have a bit of sympathy for your race director, support your local racers, turn up on the day and enjoy yourself.

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