Strengthening Your Weakest Discipline

Now we’re in the autumn, it’s an ideal time, as triathlon races have more or less finished, to think about how you want to work on your weakest discipline. 

What do I mean by that? 

What don’t you like doing most? 

Which of the three disciplines, swim, bike and run, are you the worst at?

Or you have the least success at, let’s say. 

For me it’s swimming.

During the winter months, I like to concentrate on swimming. 

Making sure that I do three or four sessions a week, following a structured plan, getting down to the pool, working on my technique, working on my stamina .

I know that come March, April time, when we’re ready to ramp up, training for triathlon season, I’ll have had some good quality coaching, good quality training in my weakest discipline. 

Hopefully by then I will not be as poor at swimming.

I will be much better. 

If it’s yours as running, concentrate on your running, do some extra run sessions, do some extra hill sessions.

Hills are brilliant for improving running and for biking.

As I’ve said before, you can’t beat the turbo. 

Get on your turbo, do some strength sessions, and that will help you go forward into the next season and have your best season ever.

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