Recovering from Illness & Slowly Rebuilding Fitness for Race Readines

What do you do if you are poorly and it wipes you out for a couple of weeks? 

Well, on this, I speak from a bit of experience because I’ve recently had some sort of virus that’s completely knocked me out for the better part of two weeks.

I have only really just started to go back to do any kind of activity at all, because I’ve just been simply too tired and too poorly to do that.

So if this has happened to you and you’ve picked up this virus that’s going around, or you pick up a virus later on, don’t panic. 

Make sure that you have recovered fully and then ease your way back into training with no more than  half an hour a session. 

Nice and easy. 

A super easy, ideally bike, don’t do any running straight away, swim if you feel up to it.

And then you can bring your body back into the routine of doing exercise nice and gently before you start, jumping back into where your training needs to be. 

If you’re concerned that it might affect your performance in a race, don’t worry. 

You can’t control that. 

Just don’t panic. 

Train to try and catch yourself up.

Just pick up where you left off once you’ve had that week of recovery.

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