No Salt, More Stamina Your Guide to Pre-Event Nutrition

What should I eat the night before my event? 

What you should definitely not eat is anything particularly salty because it’ll massively dehydrate you before you start. 

So try and avoid things like pizza, pre processed foods where they’ve got lots of hidden salts in them because they will upset you and will make you dehydrated before you’ve even started.

Instead, try and cook something relatively simple from scratch, something starchy and glucose based. 

I often have a risotto of some description before we do an event the night before, plenty of rice in it. 

You can usually put some vegetables in there, which will again be good for you. 

You can use chicken and avoid seafood just in case you end up with a bad bit, but something relatively starchy, plain, ideally homemade or from a restaurant if you’re competing away. 

That will be ideal for your pre or night before meal. 

Just get you topped up with your glycogen stores.

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